From Service to Product – Full-Stack Design and Consultancy at Archid Studio

by Kostas Burr
3 min read
March 31, 2024
Archid is a full-stack architectural design and engineering Studio.

In software development, a full-stack programmer is one who is proficient in both front-end and back-end development. This entails expertise on both sides: user interface and the code engine behind it. At Archid Studio, we adopt a similar approach. We are a full-stack design and consultancy company that provides a wide range of engineering and design services. Additionally, we serve as an interface for development projects through cost consulting and advanced digital solutions, allowing clients to adjust designs even at later stages.

The metaphor of software is relevant to our practice not only because it captures the spirit of our work but also because engineering is becoming increasingly digitised. Today, the development of buildings and software are more alike than ever. At Archid Studio, we believe that technology is a pathway to excellence. 

BIM Engineering & Digital Twin Solutions

The most pertinent example of digitalization in design and engineering in our practice is BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Digital twin solutions. At Archid Studio, we deliver architectural and structural designs in Open BIM format, complying with international standards. 

BIM and Digital twin technologies enable us to create Well Engineering solutions, providing clients with the means to instantly adjust designs amidst changing project environments. This solution functions as a user interface or even a control panel for the architectural project. A BIM model gives clients the ability to change a wide range of design specifications through a few clicks, reducing design time from weeks to mere moments. And Digital twin solutions help one make data-driven decisions, enhancing the sustainability of the project. Technologies calculate the associated costs, construction time, and visuals, presenting a new approach to design thinking and implementation. 

It represents a shift in perspective, returning control of the project from technical specialists to the client. At Archid Studio, we are enthusiastic about designing and utilising advanced technologies in a manner that maximises benefits for our customers.

Robotized Master–Planning

Another tool that utilises software to create the client’s interface for managing projects is parametric and robotized master–planning. It offers a comprehensive solution in master planning to revolutionise urban development, making it precise, cost-effective, and flexible. Importantly, it also provides an opportunity to explore different spatial organisation options and make the most effective decisions at the early stages of design.

For us at Archid Studio, being a full-stack company also means adopting a holistic approach to design and engineering. We don’t just handle one part of the project; we oversee them all. 

As a company, we offer a full range of design services, from design conceptualization to detailed engineering and cost consulting. At Archid Studio, holistic expertise means assuming responsibility at all stages of the project. Proudly holding the name of the largest developers in CIS and Europe, we have an in-house leverage of hundreds of design engineers, BIM specialists, architects, constructors, project managers, and data scientists.

At Archid Studio, we are all about technology and adopting a holistic approach to design. We believe that our mission is to provide our clients with the best tools available to maximise the potential of their projects.

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