Archid's sustainable solutions

by Sophie She
4 min read
April 17, 2024
The insights we got over the years

Archid Studio’s story started with residential development. Our sister brand was launched back in 2012 and became one of the major constructors in CIS and EU regions. Since then, for over 12 years now, our team has been developing exceptional engineering and architectural solutions across CIS and Europe, and now in the Middle East. Operating together with a company with 5.5 millions of sq. m. under construction in 2023, gave us an unique perspective on most feasible and scalable solutions in sustainable development.   

For instance, 95% of  our construction waste is recycled. We have organised a separate collection of concrete, wood and bricks at all our facilities. Cardboard packaging and plastic are sorted at the operator's site for export. We process the waste and return it to construction sites as materials for the construction of temporary roads and landscaping.

More than that, in CIS region, together with our sister brand we even launched a whole factory for the production of recycled rebar. Recycling steel is not an innovation of itself, but the challenge is to create a circular solution, which will be sufficient for large-scale construction. This is why we start a whole new factory to be sure what our rebars are in place. Now produce armature from used pipes. Nowadays, 80% of our new projects are using recycled rebar, while preserving international standards and regulations.We built new houses out of the old ones. It doesn't get more circular than this.

Back in 2021, with our sister brand, we created 3000 sq. m. of green area, and collected more than 800kgs of plastic and aluminium containers via established reverse vending machines.

On top of existing achievements, we aim to continue striking in the sphere of sustainable development, and thus we have several goals that we aim to complete by 2030. 

On the ecological matter, we strike to:

  • Make sure the energy efficiency of our buildings is from A+ 
  • Increase the use of secondary raw materials in construction and landscaping up to 50%
  • Transfer of more than 90% of construction waste for recycling
  • Increase the share of renewable energy used in construction and operation to 5%
  • Reduce of greenhouse gas emissions by 10% (Score1+Score2)

It is essential for us to preserve the surrounding environment and respect local communities. Archid Studio’s essence is not just building structures, but it's shaping a greener, more sustainable future for all.

If you want to know more about our sustainable solutions — reach out and our team will be happy to show you what Archis Studio is about! 

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