Archid Studio x Dubai 2040 Master Plan: Vision of a Radical Transformation

by Kostas Burr
3 min read
April 3, 2024
"Master Plan 2040 represents numerous challenges, as well as opportunities. The aspect that resonates with me the most is rapid and, what’s important, sustainable growth. The ambition is to accommodate 4.5 million new residents. Large-scale, while conscious, development is our core competence at Archid Studio. We know how to bring projects like this to completion. Our answer to the challenge is to implement digitalisation, AI, BIM, and a wide spectrum of cutting-edge technologies to achieve this goal. And here we have a lot to offer as a technology-driven development company. It's truly great to be a part of this long-term project and I believe that Archid can help the world to become a better place with tech-savvy construction solutions that enrich people’s lives with their beauty and efficiency."

Mr. Salikov Artem, CEO at Archid Studio

Dubai’s Master Plan 2040 aims to develop urban centers, grant accessibility to major public transport stations, increase public space area, establish new green and recreational zones, as well as business and industrial districts. Dubai, being a city of urban mega-projects, is a developers' dream possessing unprecedented growth. A walkable, dense, well-connected city is a challenge and Vision 2040 promises Dubai an enormous transformation, in which Archid Studio could offer сontemporary architectural approaches that will guarantee sustainability and efficiency of the new green projects in the new Dubai lifestyle.  

The master plan was put in place by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2021. The master plan prioritizes well-being, happiness, prosperity, and stability. The vision of Dubai's future strongly emphasizes people, communities, and sustainability. 

Archid Studio is largely influenced by similar values, as our goal is to create buildings that will improve people’s lives with their urban design and energy efficiency. 

Master plan’s vision is articulated through key objectives outlined on the master plan’s digital platform. As per the 2040 vision, Dubai aims to more than double its population from 3.3 million to 7.8 million. These new millions will be welcomed by increased recreational and green areas, which are about to double, and new educational and health facilities. The footprint of those will grow by up to 25%. The vision promises that up to 55% of the population will live within 800 meters of major public transport stations.

The transportation promise is the one that gives the most material for the imagination. The transition from a car-centric to a people-centric urban design presents a monumental challenge. While specific designs may yet be forthcoming, a study conducted in alignment with the master plan by URB provides a glimpse into the transformative efforts required. The proposed "THE LOOP," a 93-kilometer network of cycling and walking routes under one continuous roof, offers a preview of future design endeavors.

Sustainability represents another pivotal challenge that will reshape Dubai's urban landscape. The city aims to reduce energy consumption by 30% and increase renewable energy usage to 75% by 2050. Achieving these targets necessitates the integration of smart city technologies into the construction and management of urban infrastructure. Initiatives such as smart grids, efficient waste management systems, and sustainable transportation infrastructure are integral components of this vision. The rapid growth of the city and its population play a key role here. Large-scale urban development provides enough room for innovation and makes these initiatives feasible.

Especially in the last challenge, and throughout the entire plan, Archid Studio can be called a go-to partner in this growth journey. Our data-driven methodologies, like BIM-modeling and Digital twins solutions, guarantee the minimization of the footprint while in construction and exploitation of the building, creating a sustainable project plan and saving up to 40-50% of time and funds, while preserving the environment.

In November 2023, we were assigned with an ESG rating of ESG-B, level ESG-4, which corresponds to a very high assessment in the field of ecology, social responsibility and management. We closely monitor waste generation, wastewater discharge, social investment and gender equality.

Master Plan 2040 is truly a challenge of urban transformation and Archid Studio is happy to be a part of it. Key objective is a new quality of life for its present and future residents.

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